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Ding All Hula Dek Traction System Roll on Longboard SUP


DING ALL "Hula Deck" Roll On Surfboard Traction Tired of melted wax all over the inside of your board bag or car? Hula Deck solves this messy problem. This roll on traction is a good solution if your tired of waxing your surfboard. Hula Deck comes with a bottle of their special liquid traction and a roller to apply on your board. Hula Deck will dry after application and have a "gritty" feel. You can do the entire deck of your longboard or just sections of your surfboard. Just tape off the sections you do not want hula deck to get on. Another benefit of Hula Deck , it is not permanent and can be sanded off if you decide you want to go back to traditional wax.