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Far King Original Cold Surfboard Wax Block

1 x 80g Block


In amongst all our great Far King humour, there is a Far King serious promise. Far King surf wax is developed to be the best Far King surf wax available on the planet. A lifetime of surfing, over 20 years making great surf waxes and a passion for developing the best tractions on the planet is all part of the Far King commitment. As surfers most of us spend our lives waiting for the best surf. When it comes, you can rely on Far King great wax.

Very Far King Sticky

Last for Far King hours

Cold Wax - Xtra Soft - 14C and below
Cool Wax - Soft - 15 - 19C
Warm Wax - Hard - 20 - 25C
Tropical Wax - Xtra Hard - 25C and above